Ethics Co-Creative

Governance improves when everyone participates. Emagence helps companies develop human-centered ethics and compliance programs that produce better outcomes.




Inspire your audience with new insights for engaging employees positively in your ethics and compliance program. Discover how behavioral science research, design thinking, and user-centered design open new opportunities for program innovation and improvement.


Engage your audience. Add a co-creative element to your next event and tap into participants’ experience and creativity to ideate and prototype new, user-centered solutions that will boost program engagement and effectiveness. This is learning-by-innovating. 


Acquire actionable strategies, quickly, for improving the impact of your E&C program at every touchpoint with employees. Learn how user-centered design can turn your Code into a living document, make Training stick, or boost Helpline usage. 


Sample Speaking Topics


Use human-centered design to make your program more engaging and effective


Use gentle tweaks to channel ethical behavior


Discover the three keys for unlocking ethical behavior in your organization


Find out how governance improves when everyone participates

Speaking On

Co-Creative Ethics 

As a speaker, I present breakthrough concepts and methods that Ethics & Compliance managers can add to their toolbox. Co-creation, crowd-sourcing, human-centered design, nudging, or motivational science – these ideas are transforming how companies create value with and for customers. I share how we can use these ideas to turn ethics management into a positive experience that employees and other stakeholders actively support.


Co-Creative Workshops

In your next event, engage your audience as active participants. This highly interactive format adds a collaborative experience and develops valuable skills for anybody involved in program design and implementation. 


Participants learn valuable design concepts and tools for developing human-centered ethics and compliance programs.


Participants generate ideas to boost program engagement. They select the most promising idea and refine it during prototyping. This is learning-by-doing.


Participants share a story of their idea to inspire transformative action.



Effective program design puts the user at the center

Acquire actionable strategies, quickly, for improving the impact of your ethics and compliance program at every touchpoint, be it with your employees or other stakeholders. 


I partner with clients in developing solutions that employees experience as positive and helpful in accomplishing their goals. As a result, employees come to view the ethics and compliance function as a trusted partner. The Code becomes a living document. Training outcomes improve. Helpline usage rates go up.


Ethics 2.0

In this Forbes blog, I share ideas for unlocking people's inherent desire to act ethically. Here, I explore opportunities for crowdsourcing ethics.

Ethics 2.0

This Forbes blog draws on behavioral science to present innovative strategies for successfully engaging employees in organizational governance. Here, I explore opportunities for crowdsourcing ethics.